ECU Programming

GM/Holden TIS

We are able to supply a 'base' tune into your ECU or TCM before it is tuned so you know that you have the correct OS and tables in your ECU.
This is most important for GM ACDelco E38 ecu's especially when brand new or bought overseas. If this isnt carried out there will be a lot of problems faced or even unable to read/program with aftermarket tuning software.




We are able to supply basic tunes for your conversions to all the GM ECU's and TCM's and most other ECU's including Ford. Some of the calibration changes that can be made are as follows :-

  • VATS/Security removal
  • Fan Temps adjusted
  • Speedo settings
  • Tacho Settings
  • DTC's turned off
  • Mafless
  • Auto to Manual conversions
  • plus more

    Some of the ECU's we modify are :-

  • VT to VE LS1, E40, E38, T42, T43
  • VN to VY v6 and v8 PCM's
  • Ford  EB S2, EF, EL, AU, BA



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